Final Concept - BJJ Worlds Masters

The logo was designed to encompass the potential use on the traditional martial arts uniform, the GI. Opting for a circular design that can easily be embroided as a patch, saving both time and money for the client when projecting the outcome of the project into the future. 

The mark within the middle of the logo is an abstraction of a martial arts belt in motion. The reasoning for this results from the notion of "Flow" 

Flow being the mental state one inhabits when completely engrossed in a task, no thinking only sheer action and enjoyment within the moment.
Being a designer and multi-sport participant, I harbor a deep appreciation for flow and aim to experience it in many of my daily tasks so being able to inject something I personally hold dear into a project for a client and have them absolutely light up over it made my day when the final hand-off was made. 

The end result being an incredibly happy client with a functional logo that looked the part. 

Embroided Logo - BJJ Worlds Masters

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