The question "what is a brand" has been asked for decades in our field. This has generated hundreds upon thousands of individual extrapolations and manifestos on what it truly means to be a brand.
We've tried to distill the information into it's bare bone ideal so that we avoid using a veil of decorative nature to persuade others with false promises and notions of grandiosity that come with trying to be a brand when the combination of metrics is aligned correctly. 
My hopes for this project being to continually refine and further it with more than just 1st edition copies and updates on a blog. As I continue my creative journey towards the goals I've calibrated and the metrics I've aligned with to achieve those, I believe the erudition I hold will give those around me a sense of focus and meaning for years to come which in turn will contribute to this book being re-published and the information continually scrutinized by myself and those around me.

Planting trees to which shade I will never lay under.  
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