How Do We Define Our Identities As Creatives?
The Good Morning Collective, A Multi-Disciplinary firm is my child, like the new puppy you get to teach new tricks too and enjoy on a daily basis.
The essence of the firm was wanting to be more than another freelancer with just a name, but the industriousness to employee other people and be responsible for their well-being whilst engaging in creative endeavors, essentially taking on more responsibility to generate a fulfilling and meaningful life through the entrepreneurship of running your own small scale business and team. 
A Simple Process, A Million Directions
The basis of our mark and name follows the notion of pulling the sheets of your bed and getting up every morning to do something great, or at-least push the needle 0.01% further each day.
This can be extrapolated from the diagonal line covering up the G which represents the creative and the bed covers they remove every morning.

As can be seen through the above iteration, the choice to move away from the literal interpretation was as obvious as day with the use of clouds, sunrises and coffee mugs all feeling incredibly tacky when run in conjunction with our design philosophy of literal conveyance being amateur at best.
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