The days of gods and kings are over, but the influence and mythopoetic sense of creation that is left behind will no doubt inspire for eons. 
The brief was simple; Develop an identity (logo in this case) that encompasses Norse mythology with a modern styling that would suit a home-brewed dark ale craft beer.
Research is a part of every project that needs to be conducted in manner that reveals every bit of information possible, ensuring the best results for the client. 

With a bit of digging and developing an understanding of Norse and Germanic Paganism. We curated a number of runes that matched the brand in meaning along with a typographic treatment that paid homage to the days of paganism. 
First Rough - Paper
Final Design - Digital
The entire process started out as the sketch seen above with a couple of notes on the art direction and approach that would be taken to the design. 

Heavy line work with an emphasis on simple characteristics within the design culminated in a polished end product once all the elements where combined to achieve a cohesive identity for Valhalla Brew. 

Valhalla Brew - Beer Can Visualization

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